Hello & welcome to my blog!

Welcome! As you can also read in the sidebar welcome note, my name is Iulia Lesley and I study business economics in my spare time. I am originally from Romania, but recently moved to Germany to continue my studies. I am a writer at heart though, and that’s what I’ll always be.

It’s been a hard journey and many lost hours trying to find the perfect idea for my debut novel. I’ve started many novels and then abandoned when the idea got too complicated. It’s probably a beginner writer’s mistake, but who knows, maybe I’ll go back to them one day. I’ll keep them close to my heart for as long as live. Now, though, I think I finally nailed it. This new idea just works. And I love it. Keeping my fingers crossed this one will work.

This blog will mainly serve to update you about progress regarding my novel and I’ll even post a few reviews of books I’ve read. I’ll be very happy if you post comments telling me what you think of the reviews. I’ll even try to hold a few competitions if there are enough followers.

Happy reading and I hope I’ll see you all back here again,

Iulia Lesley xo


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