REVIEW: ‘Hunter Kiss: A Companion Novella’ by Marjorie M. Liu – Wild Thing Anthology

E-Book: 384 pages

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: February 6, 2009

Series: Hunter Kiss

“In this eSpecial, New York Times bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu provides a companion novella to The Iron Hunt and Darkness Calls, the first two books in her gripping new urban fantasy series. Meet Maxine Kiss, the Earth’s last protector.”

This novella, a prequel to The Iron Hunt, was originally published as part of the Wild Thing anthology. 

My Opinion
I recently bought this novella in a eBook format cause a friend of mine loaned me the two novels: ‘The Iron Hunt’ and ‘Darkness Calls’ and she told me that this novella was the prequel to the whole story so it made sense for me to buy and read it. At first, the novella was really confusing. Marjorie M. Liu’s writing style is like no other I have encountered before, which is sometimes bad and sometimes good. It could get really confusing for an international reader like myself, because there are some expressions used that I haven’t encountered before. The confusion quickly changed into fun though! The way the two main characters connect with each other is mesmerizing and some dialogue exchanges made me laugh. The relationship moved maybe a bit too fast for my own taste, but it’s not really my place to judge. Being a novella, I understand the need to make it short and make it get to the point faster, which is why I enjoy novels more. 
It would have been probably better to integrate this in the first novel instead of making a separate novella for it and then maybe make it longer and explain things a bit better. 
All in all, I enjoyed reading it. I’m curious if the relationship between Maxine and Grant will somehow evolve, cause I personally enjoy reading books where people take longer to fall in love, to battle their inner conflicts and then, give in to love after they realise it is impossible to avoid it.

Rating: ♥♥♥ – 3 hearts!

Favorite Quote
“Boo,” Zee replies, regarding him thoughtfully, sticking the tip of a silver claw into his mouth, sucking lightly. “You got odd eyes, hu-maan. Deep sea seeing eyes. Bet they taste good.”

Additional Info
Follow Marjorie M. Liu on Twitter (@marjoriemliu) to get all the latest news on her books.


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