Introducing: “The Watchers” by Jon Steele

Hardcover: 560 pages

Publisher: Blue Rider Press

Release Date: May 29, 2012

Series: Unknown as of yet, but rumored to be a trilogy

I just received an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of this book and I have to say it intrigued me. This is a big leap for me since it’s not normally what I read, but it does have fallen angels so it does count for something! Anyways, just look at this beautiful cover! The story sounds so interesting and unique that I’m compelled to read it.

Then I thought I might just introduce this book to you too and then make a final report once I’ve finished reading it. Here is the description of the story:

“Meet Marc Rochat, a man-child who has devoted his life to being the bell ringer at the gothic Lausanne Cathedral, one of the great architectural structures in the world. Strange things have been going on in and around the church, including tremblings in the underground crypt and a variety of gruesomely murdered bodies showing up in nearby streets. 

Into this landscape comes Katherine Taylor, a beautiful young American woman, who is making a phenomenal living as one of the highest-priced call girls in Switzerland; she’s a bit too introspective for her own good, and, unfortunately, much too observant of her clients’ peccadilloes for theirs. 

Putting the puzzle together is Jay Harper, a British private eye, who has been hired to investigate the killings and other strange doings; alas, he has no memory of who hired him or precisely why he was chosen for the job.

And that’s when the Fallen Angels start appearing.”

Sounds pretty damn good doesn’t it? I’m really happy I have a chance to read this before it gets released on May 29.

As some of you might know, I’m writing my first novel and it’s also about angels, so naturally I’m intrigued to see what the others have come with in terms of theory or stories. I find the whole subject immensely fascinating and there are so many things one can write about them without the stories being overtly religious. Well, anyways, I guess I’m off to start reading this book and if you’re interested, I’ve posted some info on the author below.

About the author

Jon Steele was born in the American Northwest in 1950 and was raised in Great Falls Montana. He worked an assortment of legal and illegal jobs all accross America before joining Independent Television News of London. Jon earned a reputation as one of the world’s top cameramen in dangerous environments. His autobiography, ‘War Junkie’ was published in 2002 by Transworld and is today recognized as a cult classic of war reportage. In Baghdad, on the day before the Iraq War began, he put his camera on the ground and quit. Jon moved to the south of France and lived without a television, radio or newspapers for a year. He spent his days writing and taking walks in quiet places. In 2007 he traveled to Iraq, alone and without support of any news organization. He lived for three months with an American combat unit, filming their lives and recording their emotions for the award winning documentary, The Baker Boys: Inside The Surge. Currently Jon lives in Switzerland with his Jordanian-born wife and the two abandoned cats they found in an Amman road.


2 thoughts on “Introducing: “The Watchers” by Jon Steele

  1. That does sound good, I’ll be interested to hear what you thought once you’re done! It’s not my usual UF/PNR either, but I’m *always* looking for something new to read!

    • Yeah, same here. It sounded really good, sort of like a Dan Brown novel. Don’t know if you’ve read The Da Vinci Code series, but I think it will be that kind of novel with a supernatural twist. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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