The Christian Grey Addiction…And The Benefits


As all of you know, I’ve started reading the “Fifty Shades” trilogy and today I finished the first book. My reaction: Oh boy…

Addiction may not be a strong enough word to describe how hooked I am to this story, hence the lack of updates on my blog. But there’s also a positive aspect to consider. All these juicy scenes have fired up my imagination and I’ve invested it all into my novel. 

I am tempted to post the prologue on here, so my question is this: Would you read it and give me an honest feedback? 

Well, anyways, returning to the subject at hand, I’ve posted, as you can well see, a picture of what I imagine Christian Grey looks like. For those of you who don’t know who the guy in the picture above is, you can watch him play a delicious reformed art thief in the TV series White Collar. His name: Matthew Bomer. Now be prepared if you google image him, the pictures are not suited for the fainthearted. 

I also find that these books distract me from my bad eating habits. Hmmm…could it be that I have found the secret? I tend to snack on chocolate whenever I’m bored, which I’m sure all of you go through one moment or the other, but since I can’t take my eyes off my Kindle, I hardly think about chocolate. I’m shedding the pounds as I write this. Cool, right?

So thank you Christian Grey and thank you E L James for introducing him into our lives. 

Laters, baby. x


4 thoughts on “The Christian Grey Addiction…And The Benefits

  1. These are next on my list to read (after I finish the 7 I have at home, lol, that I just picked up from the library). The last series I read was Hunger Games, and they were my favorite book to date. I have heard SO MUCH about these books though, so I am curious what I will think. I would love to read your prologue, and will give you honest feedback.

    • iulialesley says:

      My friends have been bugging me to read the Hunger Games for some time now, I might start with the series after I finish this one. Trust me, it’s really, really good. If you’re into erotic novels, that is. I’m like that too. I have a stack of books at home, just waiting to be read 😉 And thanks, I appreciate that you’d read my prologue.

  2. SassyChontae says:

    I finished all three books this past weekend and I’m having 50 shade withdrawals. I feel like i need to know more about Ana and Christian, its crazy. I’m only 20 and i didn’t think the books would appeal to me that much but turns out i was wrong.

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