More Writing Updates

I’ve been writing and creating like mad these last few days. I’m up till 3 a.m and just keep on writing till my eyelids decide they can’t take it any longer. I’ve reached page 70 in my novel and I can’t believe I’ve got another 30 till I reach 100. How incredible is that!

I just love this book I’m writing now. Although at time the story sounds wrong, when I keep on writing I find that everything is the way it should be. I know some writers like to plan ahead, know what the next scene is, but I find that doesn’t really work for me. For this novel, I’m forcing myself not think about it when I’m not writing. I just create everything on the spot. Spontaneously.

I haven’t come up with a title yet as nothing seems too good for it. I still have time though. It will come to me when the time is right. At the moment, I’m trying to master the Texas accent for one of my characters. This is so much fun, I have to tell you. Anyways, I hope the ideas will keep on coming and that I’ll be able to finally finish my first book.

I look forward to meticulous editing the manuscript. At least I’ll know I finished something.

Sorry for the lack of updates and reviews.

Iulia Lesley xo


Personal Updates!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around these last few days and I’m aware I’m behind with my reading and blogging, but the most extraordinary thing has happened to me a few days ago! This female character appeared to me right before my eyes, making it impossible for me to ignore her, and demanded that her story be written. If you’re a writer you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been writing like mad, letting myself go without any kind of forward planning. I’m writing it all by ear. And what do you know? It works! In three days I’ve managed to write more than I already had for my first novel, the one I’ve been working on for months. I never expected this to happen to me, and I’m not going to talk much about it yet before I see where it goes.

I’m having so much fun writing this new novel, that I stay up at night and just keep on writing till I can’t go on anymore.

I’ll try  to make a post on here later today, but I make no promises. The new novel takes up most of my time, and since its practically writing itself, I’m not letting it go. Have to go back now before my ideas go away! Later 😉

Hot Series I’m Planning To Read!

Yep, I think it’s time for some new stuff on this blog besides the reviews. The writing of my novel is going great, I’m really happy with all the ideas I’m getting lately. It’s as if finally everything clicked in place and the story is flowing. Hopefully it will keep doing this till the end!

In other news, I’ve been adding to my Goodreads list lots of series I want to read. I’m dying to read new stuff now that I’ve got tons of free time, so tell me which ones you loved most!

1.) Richelle Mead – Georgina Kincaid & Dark Swan Series

2.) Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress

3.) Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld

4.) Larissa Ione – Demonica & Lords of Deliverance

5.) Chloe Neill – Chicagoland Vampires

6.) Kelley Armstrong – Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising & Women of the Otherworld

7.) J.R. Ward – The Fallen Angels

8.) Karen Chance – Cassandra Palmer

9.) Rachel Vincent – Soul Screamers & Shifters

10.) Allyson James – Stormwalker

11.) Christine Feehan – Leopard People & Sisters of the Heart

12.) Keri Arthur – Riley Jenson Guardian

13.) Laurell K. Hamilton – Meredith Gentry

14.) Lara Adrian – Midnight Breed

15.) Stacia Kane – Downside Ghosts

16.) Karen Marie Moning – Fever

17.) Carrie Vaughn – Kitty Norville

18.) Christine Warren – The Others

19.) Charlene Teglia – Shadow Guardians

20.) Kim Harrison – The Hollows

So which series did you like most? Which one do you think is not even worth the bother? Do you know any other series I might like? Discussions are open now!

I’m back!

Hello everybody!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here and if you’ve read the previous post, you know that it was because of my exams. The good news is that it’s finally over!

I’ve installed a new theme, and hopefully, I’ll try to post a new review by tomorrow. My novel is also coming along really nicely. After writing five chapters, I felt as if there was something wrong with it, something missing. Then it all came to me and I’ve started re-writing the five chapters. The first three are already done and I absolutely love how it turned out – it’s like it was exactly what was meant to be!

The title of the book has also changed to “Beauty of the Dark” and the old title “The Archangel Covenant” is now the name of the series!

In other news, I’ve been reading lots of books lately, all of which I’ll start reviewing starting tomorrow. I hope you’ll all come around more now that I’m back and follow my journey as I’m trying to finish my novel this year!

Iulia Lesley x

Updates On My Novel – January 3, 2012

First of all, I’d like to thank all my new followers for all the amazing support you’ve given me. The blog now has frequent visitors and it makes me happy that my work is appreciated. As you’ve noticed, I’ve been posting around 2 reviews per day and I have a contest going on. I think the contest helped bring new readers and it’s the reason why I’ll hold more of them.

Now, the main reason I’m writing this post is because I’d like to update you on the progress of my novel. For those of you who didn’t know I was writing one, you can read my first update post over here: – the incredible thing about it, is that I know I’m finally on the right track. I barely slept last night because I felt the need to write. Ideas kept popping into my head. I ‘ve been worried, mainly because I was stuck at chapter 5. I’m writing from three different POVs and it’s a pretty hard job to do. The new ideas I had last night had nothing to do with the first book, but with two different characters that are important in the book I’m writing.

I feel compelled to write their story first, and by doing this, get to know the characters better. It will also help me envision the world I built much better. That being said, I think I’m going to put the words on paper now, before they eat me up from the inside. I barely slept around two hours last night because I kept imagining their lines, their emotions…it was pretty intense. I’ve also decided the title for the first book will remain unchanged for the time being, so I might as well share it with you. The book will be called The Archangel Covenant and it’s 7225 words long, for now – I’m hoping it will be a long one. What do you guys think? I might post the first draft of the prologue after we get a few more readers. I would love to get some feedback!

Anyways, I’m ending this post with a picture of an angel and his lover. I’ve been searching the net for a picture that could represent something from my book and this one seemed appropriate for a story of a character I’ll be writing later on. Much love,

Iulia Lesley xo

Happy Holidays & Novel Update – Impossible does not exist.

Hello everybody!

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you’re enjoying your holidays, eating chocolate and cakes. Counting calories is a no-no at this time of year! I’m spending my holidays in Romania this year and it’s good to be back. I’m also excited that my birthday is coming up on Monday!! I’ll be 20 years old. Wow. Can’t believe it. I feel different somehow, this birthday more important than the 18th.

I’ve been working these two years on finding an idea, on writing a story and setting my priorities in the right order. It was no easy feat. I finally feel that I’ve found what I’ve been looking for, finally willing to risk writing this book that seems to want to write itself. I’ve finished four chapters in two days and it’s already more than I’ve written for my other novels. It’s probably still the excitement of the first days since the idea settled in. The one thing that makes me certain that I’ll continue writing this story is the fact that I’m already falling in love with one of my characters. They are all special, all having traits and feelings that I want to explore more. Who knows, maybe I’ll write their stories as well!

What I can tell you about the novel without spoiling the idea is that it features angels, archangels and demons. There are probably hundreds of books featuring these fabulous creatures, but I feel like this idea is different, unlike anything I’ve seen or read till now and it makes me excited to be the one writing it. I’ve had my mum and my brother read the work I’ve done till now and they were impressed. I was scared at first, didn’t know if my work was good enough. I was afraid of criticism even though I specifically told them to tell me the truth. It proved that I didn’t need to worry. My mother, who read my earlier attempts at a novel, said that my writing had improved lots, that reading the lines I’ve written, she got the feeling that a more experienced novelist wrote them. I was blown away by that comment. She told me she was proud of me and asked me never to give up on writing. It almost brought me to tears. The fact that my brother also liked what I wrote is even more of a shock. He’s not a fan of paranormal romance, but was captivated even from the first chapter. He made me promise to let him read everything I write from now on. It boosted my confidence.

So all in all, this year has been a good one, with its ups and downs, but it feels like my future is starting to shape into what its meant to be. Don’t ever give up doing what your good at and follow your dreams. No idea or dream is too small. Impossible does not exist. Live by this motto and you’ll see all the possibilities unfold.

Wishing you all happy holidays, much love and good health,

Iulia Lesley xo