Pocket Yoga Is So Much Fun

I’ve recently discovered a new app in the Mac App Store called Pocket Yoga. Since I was curious to try it out, I bought and installed the app on my laptop. I’m so happy I did this!

It’s amazingly simple to work with it and it offers programs for beginners, intermediaries and advanced practitioners. Cool, right? You can even set up for how long you want the exercise to last. For your first routine, I recommend going for half an hour. I went for 45 minutes because I thought I was fit from being in the gym all the time, but boy, yoga can be tough. Once the programme starts, the background music relaxes you as a female voice guides you through your positions. They are easy to follow, especially since you can also see on the screen what the position looks like.

Well, anyways, I went through the 45 minutes of which the first 20 were an absolute torture. I was stretching out muscles I didn’t even know I had! Yet the cool thing about this app is that it also gives you breaks in between sequences. At the end, I felt completely relaxed, even though my shirt was wet from sweat. I would have never thought that it will be this much fun and this much of a challenge. I am determined to continue doing yoga every day this week and see how my body adjusts to the idea.

Any yoga practitioners out there willing to give some tips?

I’ll update you on my progress with yoga during the week. I love it! x