More Writing Updates

I’ve been writing and creating like mad these last few days. I’m up till 3 a.m and just keep on writing till my eyelids decide they can’t take it any longer. I’ve reached page 70 in my novel and I can’t believe I’ve got another 30 till I reach 100. How incredible is that!

I just love this book I’m writing now. Although at time the story sounds wrong, when I keep on writing I find that everything is the way it should be. I know some writers like to plan ahead, know what the next scene is, but I find that doesn’t really work for me. For this novel, I’m forcing myself not think about it when I’m not writing. I just create everything on the spot. Spontaneously.

I haven’t come up with a title yet as nothing seems too good for it. I still have time though. It will come to me when the time is right. At the moment, I’m trying to master the Texas accent for one of my characters. This is so much fun, I have to tell you. Anyways, I hope the ideas will keep on coming and that I’ll be able to finally finish my first book.

I look forward to meticulous editing the manuscript. At least I’ll know I finished something.

Sorry for the lack of updates and reviews.

Iulia Lesley xo


Personal Updates!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around these last few days and I’m aware I’m behind with my reading and blogging, but the most extraordinary thing has happened to me a few days ago! This female character appeared to me right before my eyes, making it impossible for me to ignore her, and demanded that her story be written. If you’re a writer you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been writing like mad, letting myself go without any kind of forward planning. I’m writing it all by ear. And what do you know? It works! In three days I’ve managed to write more than I already had for my first novel, the one I’ve been working on for months. I never expected this to happen to me, and I’m not going to talk much about it yet before I see where it goes.

I’m having so much fun writing this new novel, that I stay up at night and just keep on writing till I can’t go on anymore.

I’ll try  to make a post on here later today, but I make no promises. The new novel takes up most of my time, and since its practically writing itself, I’m not letting it go. Have to go back now before my ideas go away! Later 😉